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About Us


Stomp Wars Global is a Black Led Enterprise striving to spotlight our Black Excellence daily. Our mission is to inspire youth and young adults to stomp down the negative barriers that plague our communities and build a new, positive future through the art of step. Stomp Wars was created when we witnessed the power stepping has over these kids and how beneficial it can be in their lives as, with a lot of other things, it's bigger than just stepping. 

Stepping has grown to become a college and career pathway for students through an extracurricular activity. As the majority of these students come from low income backgrounds and face multiple barriers in life, Stomp Wars Global aims to give them hope.

Through the requirements in place to participate, we aim to instill these important values and valuable skills into the students, while immersing them into the African American art of step and its history:
  • Stomp Wars decreases the drop-out rate amongst these communities as you must attend school to participate
  • The "No Pass, No Play" policy increases their academic achievement
  • The brother- and sisterhood and mentorship that comes along with being on a Step Team improves student's social and emotional well-being

  • The program improves critical thinking skills as well as increases confidence and self esteem

  • Students understand and learn how to work TOGETHER as a team

Help us continue to transform lives and provide a positive social impact while adopting a NO EXCUSES GET IT DONE mindset. We will continue to support positive missions related to our African American Culture.


Let us know how we can support your non-profit organization and fundraising needs. Ask us about our "Hoodies H.E.L.P" Program. Every item purchased supports a Bigger Purpose! It is our aim to provide our customers unbeatable value!!!